Access to clean water is a basic necessity

Have you ever envisioned the dreams you keep dreaming of coming true? The big house you always gaze at when passing by or the car you constantly stare at by the garage? You are so obsessed with these assets but your heart doesn’t allow that affection to turn into action. Access is to clean water in South Africa is something that every citizen has a right to, it should not have to be something that is dreamed of. You look at those things and think they are a bit far-fetched for you.

Here is my theory; if you can even allow your mind to think of a Porsche, you can get it. You have allowed your mind to think it is capable of driving that mean machine so why not start putting the dream into reality? Everybody can dream but it is useless if those dreams remain as dreams and are not executed or at least tried to be pursued.
Be careful of the brain, it is very good at playing useless mind games on people. Some people have a tendency of thinking that only a few people are eligible of the finer things in life. The society has killed our spirits to such an extent that we think only a selected few are fitting for certain things. There are several other organizations and NGO’s besides Mvula that are committed to ensuring that basic service delivery including access to clean purified water and sanitation are accessible to all.
It is sad to think that some people think they are only meant to stay on the bottom of the ladder of success, that all they were made for in life was to be told what to do and sleep. When you think about the opportunities that surface on a daily basis and you think about the numerous souls that are going to think they not good enough is despicable.
Don’t let that dim your shine, you can stay in the Upper East Side, you can drive a Merc Coupe and yes, you can run the corporate world, yes you! It doesn’t matter how you started what matters is what are you doing now? You are living now therefore, live!
Too many people are crushed by fears of not having enough confidence in their beliefs or talents. You are a true reflection of your past but your future is something you should start cooking now, add meat, spice, salt and the finest herbs and eat!
How you were brought up was not your business then and is not your business now. It is not your fault you thought you were not worthy before but it is your fault if you keep failing yourself hereon going forward. The stars shine to everyone from the sky, they don’t shine for a chosen location, we all get to witness the bright glory.
Never let anybody tell you can’t do it. You can do whatever you set your mind to, work hard for and whatever you put your determination in to. You know by? Everybody is equal in this ring of life, you are not categorized by your yesterday because that day has passed and can’t be fixed anymore but your tomorrow can always be changed because that is something you are slowly striving to be the best in.
You are not your parents that last bread you had to share with your siblings because that was the last one is not you either. You are a replica of those things but not a representative of the past now. You are rectifying all the hardships you went through now and just edifying them to put a shining point to your real yet sour upbringing.
Your scars don’t change your chances of becoming a mogul in the making. In fact I think you have better chances of succeeding because you know everything there is to know about trying times so living in prosperity should become mandatory for you. Water purification and implementing the delivery of it to rural and outlying areas is a bit more complicated than most would think.
Jump to the highest mountain not only because you can but because you, yes you, the village boy who had to walk miles to travel to school or fetch a bucket of water deserves it!

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