Health issues in Africa due to poor Water Supply

Normally, when we think of health issues, the first thing that comes to mind is death. The illnesses that we face are killing our brothers and sisters and it is for this issue that the subject that can’t be ignored. Below is a list of illnesses and sicknesses that common to African countries.
Malaria: An African child dies every 30 seconds as a result of Malaria. An African child who could have grown to become the finest lawyer, the chief of police or the next president. That is one child too many. The result is due to lack of health facilities that are not sufficient in the African countries. There are also not enough health workers in the African countries which prove to be another contributing factor to health issues. In Zimbabwe alone, there are 45 000 traditional healers and yet there are about 1400 health medics.
HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS continues to be a widespread disease in Africa. The number of people that are on antiretroviral treatment increases annually. HIV/AIDS kills over one million people in Sub-Saharan Africa on a yearly basis. Government and sponsors need to work twice as hard to decrease the number of people dying because of this epidemic disease.
Zika: Zika is a virus that is passed by mosquitoes during the day or night. Zika is a virus that is prone to Tanzania including Zanzibar. The virus is said to have serious defects for pregnant women. It is advised that pregnant women don’t travel to Tanzania. The Zika mosquito symptoms range from mild to no symptoms at all and could last up to a week or sometimes more. No vaccines or medical treatment is available for Zika at the present moment. Zanzibar is an amazing holiday destination with some fantastic holiday Zanzibar packages on offer, but for the health of your unborn baby, you might give it a pass for now.
Hunger: People might not think of hunger as a health issue that is killing the African people. Poverty is one of the reasons why people go hungry. When you don’t have the resources of feeding yourself or your family, you are going to go hungry.

Additionally, access to clean water is a problem facing a lot of African countries. However, when you look at it from an African’s child perspective, they have no choice but to drink from that dirty river or lake because there is no clean water at the disposal of the child. Drinking from these contaminated rivers and lakes brings another problem such as diarrhea which can kill a child.
The future of the children of Africa rests on us. The little that can be done to give them aid goes a long way. Programs need to be launched to help people from these African countries. Health care workers need to be increased and they need to be paid the correct remuneration. It would be pointless to want more health workers but you are not willing to pay them the salaries they deserve. So before you plan a holiday in one of the luxury Zanzibar hotels or any other African country, consider all these factors.
The future rests on the people that are willing to put in the work to feed one African child, educate one child and make sure they are fully equipped for an even brighter future. We don’t have to change the world overnight but the little that we do can change one child to thinking he is going to die to thinking he is going to be okay.
Collectively, we can do so much more. African children and the African population are dying because they are not being assisted or educated about their health. The African countries also need to be taught about health issues because they also need know how to take care of their health.

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